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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Surprise, Surprise...

Well, last, first writing on, not in the right time, everyone. Opening the local news, i found my forgotten piece, nearly trash on a big bin. Though this was the first, i found it crappy and not flowing smoothly..hiks...

Yup, after a long waiting, (how on earth was it hard to get published?) it showed up attacking Mr. Soesila as the headline. Yeah, yeah, you would probably asked, roaming around, who's who?, what's up? if, you are out of town, dwelling at the Center, or somewhere over the rainbow, you might not know this.

Now, let me tell you, "And the headline news is, Eddy Susilo, mantan KAPOLDA SULTRA mengaku mencium". That's it. Got it? Uh huh. Well, if you still don't, just googling, then.

Anyway, I didn't care anymore whether they care to publish it or not. The problem was, it's out of date, ladies and gentlemen.But they've made their own way. You know, media business, they always decide their own hot topic. Market consideration, right?

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