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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Surprise, Surprise...

Well, last, first writing on, not in the right time, everyone. Opening the local news, i found my forgotten piece, nearly trash on a big bin. Though this was the first, i found it crappy and not flowing smoothly..hiks...

Yup, after a long waiting, (how on earth was it hard to get published?) it showed up attacking Mr. Soesila as the headline. Yeah, yeah, you would probably asked, roaming around, who's who?, what's up? if, you are out of town, dwelling at the Center, or somewhere over the rainbow, you might not know this.

Now, let me tell you, "And the headline news is, Eddy Susilo, mantan KAPOLDA SULTRA mengaku mencium". That's it. Got it? Uh huh. Well, if you still don't, just googling, then.

Anyway, I didn't care anymore whether they care to publish it or not. The problem was, it's out of date, ladies and gentlemen.But they've made their own way. You know, media business, they always decide their own hot topic. Market consideration, right?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

desert of winter

a Taswin's shot. Taken at Buesum, Kiel, when he was in Germany. And I like it, then I've made a poem for it.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

September First Rain

This morning the rain fell. First time after 3 months. Bit windy and so grey. Two unhappy news bothered me since yesterday. Last night, I heard a sad news, my colleague's father passed away. He's been a nice father even to me, his son's friend.

Yesterday, I've got an e-mail from my best friend and sister, Lily. And this was shocked me after reading it. I don't have acsess to media, therefore, by posting this at least showing my sincere sympathy to our beloved friend, Maryati. Here's the e-mail:

"I present this article with my deep symphthy to Maryati in Melbourne.


Falsely Accused of Terrorism
A chilling aspect of the global war on terror

Lily Yulianti

Just two weeks before the fifth anniversary of 9/11, I found my friend's name in the headline of a local newspaper published in Makassar, Indonesia. The paper quoted an Australian newspaper saying that she was allegedly linked to Jamaah Islamiyah, an Islamic organization linked to many terror attacks such as the Bali Bombings in 2002 and 2004.

By simply glancing at the headlines and not going on to carefully read the whole story, anyone could have concluded that my friend Maryati Idris was a terrorist. I talked about the incident with her other friends and we agreed that this kind of media coverage has become a terror to anyone who is carelessly accused of being a terrorist or having links with terror organizations.

Every morning commuters scan through headlines on their way to work, in too much of a rush to read the stories properly. When surfing the Internet we often jump from one online media to another, taking in many of the headlines without pausing to read the whole story.

I have read many such headlines in the years since 9/11 took place. When the incident happened I was watching the live-reports in my small apartment in Melbourne, Australia, and on the very next day I was frightened by the fact that the reports linked the attacks with what they called Islamic terrorists.

I am a Muslim, and I am easily identified as a Muslim woman because I wear a headscarf. The first week after the incident, people at work and at university carefully told me to anticipate any unpredictable responses on the streets, targeting Muslim people. Although Melbourne is a multicultural city, there had already been several small incidents of anger directed at local Muslims.

The University of Melbourne, where I was studying at the time, offered an evening shuttle bus service to Muslim students in order to ensure their safety after class.

Five years later, I was sitting in a smaller apartment in Tokyo reading the headline about my friend Maryati Idris. Her husband, Jack Thomas was charged by the Australian Court of having a link to Al Qaeda while he studied Islam in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Although Jack Thomas was cleared of all allegations, stories about his family continued to appear in the media. The local newspaper that I read outlined Maryati's life in extensive detail, such as which schools she had attended in Makassar, and so on.

By quoting the Aug. 30 edition of The Australian, which said that Mr. Thomas's marriage to Maryati was the beginning of his link with Jamaah Islamiyah, a local newspaper in Makassar, her hometown, provided a sensational headline to its readers.

Later on that day I learned that the accusation was a mistake and that the Indonesian Foreign Ministry had clarified that she was clean. There was no strong evidence and on the next day the newspaper printed this fact. But does the media really care about the psychological impact the story had on her and her family?

I am very sure that her parents and other relatives in Makassar have borne a huge burden in having to explain to everybody that she has nothing to do with any terror attacks or terrorist activities. It must have been very difficult after Maryati's reputation was damaged by such a sensational headline the day before.

Maryati's case is a good example of another aspect of the global war on terror. Heavy security measures often end up labeling innocent people as terrorists. There were similar cases in the U.S. in response to 9/11, in Britain in response to the London Bombings, and in Indonesia in the hunt for the perpetrators of the Bali Bombings.

Today I remember the fifth anniversary of 9/11 and I try to understand how difficult it will be for Maryati and her family to restart their ordinary lives after being falsely accused of terrorism. They are victims of the so-called global war on terror, and also of the media frenzy that surrounds any terror-linked news.

2006/09/11 p.m4:00
© 2006 OhmyNews"

Monday, September 11, 2006


September, 11 2001. 1/5 Mitchell st, Brunswick, Melbourne.
In the living room. Watched tv with kids and Taswin. A headline news. Bang. Story reported exclusively live by CNN from NY. A plane hit the WTC twin towers. More than a thousand people died."Why the plane hit the building, mom?" "Why many Americans killed?" "I don't wanna go to America, there're many bombs there. They're like terrorists", kids popped up with comments. Anxiety frightened me and family on the streets of Melbourne. We're moslems, and that might caused wrong attacks on us who didn't know anything about the tragedy.

Since then, world witnessed bombs everywhere; London, Madrid, Bali, Jakarta. And the American declared "the world wars against terrorism".

September, 11 2006. S.Parman 9, Kendari, Indonesia.
In the server room. Browsing headline news while chatting with ly. Headline news fully contented with 9/11. Five years passed. I recalled all the events, especially when Taswin had returned to Australia. His trips must paid a full day investigation at Sydney airport, until he missed the flight to Melbourne. Even worse, he was accused to have link to one of the person they've been looking for, Jack Thomas. Until recently, news spread up in Australia and Indonesia accusing our friend Maryati, Jack's wife, to be one of the JI figure. How do they know about her? Do they care about impacts they raised on her and her family?

The world still wars against terrorism. But bombs still explode everywhere. Are we just expecting another bombs to come? another victims to die? Who is the terrorist, anyway?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

When A Wanted Logger Caught Up

Today's news at The Jakarta Post triggered me. A wanted illegal logger, initialled AL arrested in Beijing, China. AL, the boss of Inanta Timber, was accused of major illegal logging. And the company just broke the country for about 228.6 trillion ruphs. Imagine! How many things we can do in such amount of money, everyone? Inanta Timber, in fact, caused no less than smokes and fogs after burning and logging the land and forest, leaving dangerous deseases and environmental damages without take a responsibility .

But, hell. What's on earth government doing? The accused just flied everywhere without hassles? Where's their commitment? Give me a break!

saturday night discussions

Saturday Night, seven pm. Venue at Mayasari restaurant, a barely new restaurant owned by first rector of Haluoleo University. Me, friends from WWF (Indar, Kokoh, Yani), Sulis from Kendari Pos, Is of Media Sultra, Rudi of Kendari Ekspress and Kiki from Radio 68H, got together to have discussion on Gender, Media and Environment. A courtesy of Tim Kecil WWF, as usual.Heaps of issues were rolling on the floor; do women hold position on strategic decision making in media management? are the languages diplayed non sexist enough? are the languages not streotyping women yet? Had women been accounted on their capability rather than their performance in media? and so forth.The discussion was relax and fun, as we were joking around and not strictly moderated (fyi, I was given the honour, and was not successful, people kept commenting here and there,hiks..!). In the end, we agreed on conducting a workshop on gender, media and environment, as have been directed by the sponsor (good to know they are so rigid in applying gender perspective!).Thanks to WWF, we had a free yum dinner plus a bunch of ideas on our own heads.

Saturday Night, ten pm. Venue at Hotel Maleo, our family business, the hotel that run with quasi proffessional management(lol, if you like!). Me and my husband, Taswin, discussed about my coming to Wakatobi, initially planned on Monday, tomorrow. Heaps of arguments concerning safety, the monsoon weather, what to do's there, etc. The discussion was serious and a bit tensed, with, of course not moderated by anyone. In the end, we were agree on finding more information about Wakatobi and the safety if I come there by myself(coz there's a possibility I should travel alone!) But, thanks to Ayah, we have been understanding each other.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

On Beating Drum

It was a sunny morning. Managed to be on time, I rushed to Ruf's house. We agreed on meeting at 8 am. Rani wasn't there when I arrived. As I put my back on the chair, I heard the music played. Perhaps, some people practised their skill in music. Loud one, might be rock or alternative. I don't know, honestly, since it's quite hard for me to distinguish them.

Out came along Ruf and his brother. Ruf greeted me while his brother just passed before us. The father was planting some flowers. Well, I have to admit flowers are very well planted here. They are growing nice and furtiled. Splendid.

When Ruf asked permition to take a bath, I gathered my gut to look inside the room, of course after granted a permit. Wow, I mumbled, a set of incomplete musical instruments: drum, lead guitar, bass, microphone minus keyboard.

Then, I gave myself a try on the drum, for it's been long time I have a desire to learn and play drum. But there's no chance in finding one. Juzz, juzz, I started to beat. Hitting every part of the drum. I was trying to get the beat. While trying hard, Ruf came and asked to play a song. "Give a try on Peter Pan's!" he said. I said "What? I just learned. But, anyway, give a go. Why not?"

Then the music played, only lead guitar and drum. And another person came and he was nicely volunteering to sing. Two, oh no, three songs for a go. Until Rani showed up by saying "yaa ampuuun baanget!"

Friday, September 08, 2006

join a conference

How is it like when you join a conference? You might find it boring, at least restless if you just sit and listen without your voice heard. Especially when you find nobody knows you there. But I didn't find it that way. Last night, accidentally I joined a chatting room. It's called panyingkul! There you can find happy funny people from other parts of world. They are youngsters, mostly, with some moms. I myself was invited by the moderator, as it is exclusive to join. What is panyingkul!? What are they doing? Check them out later!