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Friday, August 12, 2016

Hola, dear all..
Been long time haven't written anything. Been preoccupied with these and those. Pretend to be busy here and there. And a bucket of excuses. Oh well. From today onwards, I've decided to write anything across my mind and things happen to me. I hope it's gonna be everyday as I force myself to write write write. An attempt which I struggle to survive. There are ups and downs, certainly, but to make it as a habit, it's still a big question. Need to juggle around between mother's task, wife's, lecturer's and student's. I wish I could have a courage to commit. I am a lousy person if it's to do with commitments (I remember someone said the same words to me. Hopefully I ain't a plagiarist. Haha..). Not to mention my acute laziness above all. Oh, and don't forget my indifferent behavior to some and many extents :p

Actually, it's a way too late to decide this change. As I need to consider my age. I've been 45 years old this year. Don't you think it's considered old enough to be a "real" blogger?

Well, I have some friends who are consistently being engaged to write their blog. FYI, I'd created this blog since 2006. The link is here. At the time, some friends had already had their blogs, and wrote it on day to day basis. Then, jump into conclusion, it's never too late to write. Anything, anyone and anywhere. Agree?

So, this is a writing of my daily journal in blogspot. Trying to be part of the mainstream bloggers. Writing their daily routines and reviewing some thingies they own, as well as having their opinions over some news, issues and or other problems'. How cool is it to be part of these, eh? ^_*

Once again, I announce that; this is mine, myself and I, officially. Enjoy!