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Thursday, January 15, 2015


Some blog rolling I had done to kill my absurd boredom while trying my utmost to be back to my dissertation. A way of finding my self esteem? Searching my self confidence? An oasis of my highest dryness, or is it a mere escape of all excuses? Lost of concentration, focus failure or a scapegoat? Call them what you like. But time flies. Whether I realize it, you realize it, or not. Not at all. That is not the real matter. And at this very time, it ticks at 1 am in the very next day of I had just realized. A begotten time lapse.  So very yesterday, some people say.  And once again, I curse myself!

It is now the 15th day of 2015…
What have you done?
Still looking for a muse? An inspiration? A motivator? A shadow?
And it is just an old rhyme; a same old song; a same old excuse:
Purging my rough patches. Haha..

I have been triggered by some of these young genes; they are superbly motivated, highly hard workers, superiorly committed to their dreams. And they are never being quitters. Never be losers. Consistently being dreamers. A constant pursue. And they keep their promises; being a dreamer. I wonder old people like me (I consider my self old, already: pardon me!), would be a consistent dreamer like them? Will they be, in a time span of their life someday, persistently being dreamers like they always be? Or they used to be?

You see, they jotted down their dreams; in papers, through pens, stamped at their private walls. Aiming high. Listed more than a hundred of dreams. Dreams that, to some people, might be an impossibility. Been screwed, been under estimated, been laughed. They didn’t, in fact, they don’t care at all. They keep running. Running high, sometimes low. Though, they keep in the pace. Of being a muse, of being an inspiration. Those are their motto.They keep remind themselves. They never forget. They strive to be there: on top of their success and become a muse. Inspire! Otherwise, you will be expired!

Cipayung, 15.01.2015

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