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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Perhaps, I draw a thousand labyrinths in your life
For I would never know how deep you’ve fallenI apologize
Whilst happiness, as appear in my very eyes, is a wink,
I, with naïve prayers, strive to bridge you to everlasting contentment,
With my utmost
“There have been struggles to preserve our love, then let there love be”I keep in mind
Perhaps, I swathe Thee with my mist silk
For you might be vulnerable from irritable agony
I do care
If I could shower Thee; snow from winter nucleus,
Then I will be fulfilled
Perhaps, I should transform and be your every breath
So distance fade away

Perhaps, I could only weep since
My tears will sing a never-ending chant
My imminent song shall moan our new expected sunrise, beyond zillions of rainbows