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Saturday, September 09, 2006

On Beating Drum

It was a sunny morning. Managed to be on time, I rushed to Ruf's house. We agreed on meeting at 8 am. Rani wasn't there when I arrived. As I put my back on the chair, I heard the music played. Perhaps, some people practised their skill in music. Loud one, might be rock or alternative. I don't know, honestly, since it's quite hard for me to distinguish them.

Out came along Ruf and his brother. Ruf greeted me while his brother just passed before us. The father was planting some flowers. Well, I have to admit flowers are very well planted here. They are growing nice and furtiled. Splendid.

When Ruf asked permition to take a bath, I gathered my gut to look inside the room, of course after granted a permit. Wow, I mumbled, a set of incomplete musical instruments: drum, lead guitar, bass, microphone minus keyboard.

Then, I gave myself a try on the drum, for it's been long time I have a desire to learn and play drum. But there's no chance in finding one. Juzz, juzz, I started to beat. Hitting every part of the drum. I was trying to get the beat. While trying hard, Ruf came and asked to play a song. "Give a try on Peter Pan's!" he said. I said "What? I just learned. But, anyway, give a go. Why not?"

Then the music played, only lead guitar and drum. And another person came and he was nicely volunteering to sing. Two, oh no, three songs for a go. Until Rani showed up by saying "yaa ampuuun baanget!"

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