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Monday, September 11, 2006


September, 11 2001. 1/5 Mitchell st, Brunswick, Melbourne.
In the living room. Watched tv with kids and Taswin. A headline news. Bang. Story reported exclusively live by CNN from NY. A plane hit the WTC twin towers. More than a thousand people died."Why the plane hit the building, mom?" "Why many Americans killed?" "I don't wanna go to America, there're many bombs there. They're like terrorists", kids popped up with comments. Anxiety frightened me and family on the streets of Melbourne. We're moslems, and that might caused wrong attacks on us who didn't know anything about the tragedy.

Since then, world witnessed bombs everywhere; London, Madrid, Bali, Jakarta. And the American declared "the world wars against terrorism".

September, 11 2006. S.Parman 9, Kendari, Indonesia.
In the server room. Browsing headline news while chatting with ly. Headline news fully contented with 9/11. Five years passed. I recalled all the events, especially when Taswin had returned to Australia. His trips must paid a full day investigation at Sydney airport, until he missed the flight to Melbourne. Even worse, he was accused to have link to one of the person they've been looking for, Jack Thomas. Until recently, news spread up in Australia and Indonesia accusing our friend Maryati, Jack's wife, to be one of the JI figure. How do they know about her? Do they care about impacts they raised on her and her family?

The world still wars against terrorism. But bombs still explode everywhere. Are we just expecting another bombs to come? another victims to die? Who is the terrorist, anyway?

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