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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Endless Seasons

Dawn is blinking in autumn night
Shall leave the feast of summer
When brown maple leaves touch the earth
Will send but a mere rejoice

Then winter is frenzy; a mixture of black and white,
I pass nights with haunted memories
Like a ghost or,
An interlocutor
Stood up silent

But cold winds substitute my ancient scare
Blowing to a romantic spring
condensed with blooming daffodils or scents of jasmines, and jacaranda and bunches of rose
Yellow, white, purple, red

Thy set rainbows in my pale garden
Cheering thousands lonesome doves
And kindest wishes through,
As mine they bear to you
Though there is angst shadowing
With dreams and hopes accompanying,
“Will this be eternal?”
“Nay, let’s trust the untold time”
For Thy shall bring
Four seasons in me,
Will be everlasting and
celebrating this feeling

@azha, 2002

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